I love books. I love to read them, and I love to write them. I have published and edited several monographs. My recent piece in English Strategic Reputation Management: Towards a Company of Good (together with S. Mantere) was published by Routledge, and my new monograph The Reputable Firm: How Digitalization of Communication Is Revolutionizing Reputation Management (together with J. Heinonen) is published by Springer.

Here are some nice blurbs about the Strategic Reputation Management.

Pekka Aula and Saku Mantere’s book Strategic Reputation Management integrates research, theory, ethics, detailed cases, practical guidelines and innovative thinking. The authors show how communication, relationships, and a rich conceptualization of corporate life are all central to developing and sustaining the Company of Good. This book should be required reading for any student, teacher, consultant, executive, employee, stock analyst, or citizen interested in the complex issues implications of strategic reputation management.
Ronald E. Rice, University of California Santa Barbara

The book goes beyond easy appeals to do good. It recognizes real dilemmas between the good of shareholders and the good of other stakeholders. Its tough style will challenge and engage readers, at the same time as offering them practical strategies for doing their best in what is, ultimately, a hard world.
Richard Whittington, Said Business School

[Strategic Reputation Management] moves the concept of reputation management away from the simplistic notions of communication professionals who use the term and beyond the limited view of reputation, communication, and public relations common in the strategy literature. It convincingly argues that public relations (communication management) plays a central role in strategic management when it builds relationships with stakeholders, represents their interests to produce a Good Company, and ultimately creates value for the organization through the value of a good reputation.
James E. Grunig, Professor Emeritus, University of Maryland

You’ll find a list of my books below. If you’ll find them interesting, please ask Google where to find them or drop me a line (pekka at aula.fi).



IMG_0268Aula P. & Heinonen, J. (2015) The Reputable Firm: How Digitalization of Communication Is Revolutionizing Reputation Management. Springer

Please visit The Reputable Firm -page for more information.





Maineen uusi aalto

Aula, P. & Heinonen, J (2011) M2: Maineen uusi aalto [Reputation: The New Wave]. Helsinki: Talentum. Won the second prize for the best marketing communication or public relations book in Finland for 2010-2011





strategic rep mana

Aula, P. & Mantere, S. (2008) Strategic Reputation Management: Towards A Company of Good. New York: Routledge.

Please visit Strategic Reputation Management -page for more information.







Aula, P. (2008, ed.) Kivi vai katedraali: organisaatioviestintä teoriasta käytäntöön [Organisational communication: From theory to practice], Helsinki: Infor.







Aula, P., Vehkalahti, K. & Äikäs, T. A. (2007) Kaupunkimaine: tutkimus kaupunkien maineen rakenteesta ja siihen vaikuttavista tekijöistä [City reputation: an investigation into the structure and relevant factors impacting on the reputation of cities] Acta nro 193, Helsinki: Kuntaliitto.



verkkoviestintäkirjaAula, P., Matikainen, J. & Villi, M. (2006, eds.) Verkkoviestintäkirja [Network communication] Helsinki: Yliopistopaino.






tutkielmamatka-verkkoviestintaanMatikainen, J., Aula, P. & Villi, M. (2006, eds.) Tutkielmamatka verkkoviestintään [Investigations into Online Communications] Helsinki: Yliopistopaino.







Aula, P. & Mantere, S. (2005) Hyvä yritys: strateginen maineenhallinta [Strategic Reputation Management]. Helsinki: WSOY.







Aula, P. & Heinonen, J. (2002) Maine: menestystekijä [Reputation] Helsinki: WSOY.








Aula, P. (2000) Johtamisen kaaos vai kaaoksen johtaminen? [Chaos in management or managing chaos?] Helsinki: WSOY.

Pro Oeconomia literature content finalist.







Aula, P. & Oksanen, A. (2000) eEpos: Suomalainen internet-unelma [Eepos: Finnish Internet Dream] Helsinki: WSOY.








Aula, P. & Hakala, S. (2000, ed.) Kolmet kasvot: Näkökulmia organisaatioviestintään [Perspectives on organizational communication] Helsinki: Loki-kirjat.







Aula, P. (1999) Organisaation kaaos vai kaaoksen organisaatio? Dynaamisen organisaatioviestinnän teoria [Chaotic organization or organizing chaos? A theory of dynamic organizational communication, dissertation], Helsinki: Loki-Kirjat.

Won the Best Dissertation of the Year Award by Finnish Academy of Science and Letters




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